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Kids Biker Shorts | Nature Mood Multicolor Stripes

Designer: Born by the Shore

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Biker Shorts COZY & FUN! 

Must have biker shorts for toddlers and kids this summer!

Your little ones will be ready to take on the summer in Born By The Shore's Nature Mood Multicolor Stripes Biker Shorts. They're unisex, super stretchy and soft - perfect for a day at the beach, pool, garden or for a hike where your mini-me can frolic like never before. 

We emphasize using cozy, natural, limited fabrics and high-quality materials, allowing the little Beach Babies to run wild and free. These biker shorts for toddlers and kids are comfy.

With high-end quality materials, out short leggings come in various handpicked prints and sizes for infants, toddlers, and bigger kids up to 6/7 years old. All our products are designed outside of the conventional fashion season and handmade locally by the beach in California.

Key features of our adorable biker shorts for toddler and kids:

  • Unique, handpicked, fun multicolor stripes design
  • Soft feel
  • Free shipping over $30