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Pom Pom Beach Towel Thin Stripes

Designer: Born by the Shore

Sun Thin Stripe
Neon Pink Thin Stripes
Dark Pink Thin Stripes
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Colourful, doublesided pom pom beach towels, 100% cotton on one side and vibrant handwoven Mexican fabric on the other, all adorned with charming pompoms!

Our signature pom pom beach towels for kids and adults are made out of 100% Terry Cloth Cotton and colorful Mexican Acrylic Fibre with beautiful woven patterns. We emphasize natural, comfy, limited fabrics and high-quality materials, allowing the little Beach Babies to run wild and free. 

With a hint of bohemian style mixed with high-end quality materials, our beach towels with popping colors are a fun and unique addition to anyone’s beach attire. 

All our products are designed outside of the conventional fashion season and handmade locally by the beach in California.

  • Unique design
  • Soft, 100% Terry Cloth Cotton
  • Medium 42 x 27 Inches

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